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Projects that promote cooperation and synergies between urban and rural municipalities, and that share knowledge amongst municipalities are examples of excellence and innovation in Saskatchewan municipalities. For a project to be eligible for an award, it must be focused on a municipally-led initiative.


A selection committee of non-biased, distinguished individuals within the municipal criteria evaluate all nominations based on the following criteria. If your municipal project demonstrates any of the following, then it has what it takes to be a Saskatchewan Municipal Award Winner:

  • Municipal Role – What role did the municipality have in the practice/project?

  • Significance of Community Impact – Did the practice/project have a significant impact on the community?

  • Urgency - Was an urgent need addressed?

  • Future Leaders – Did the practice/project contribute to retaining existing leaders/volunteers and developing future leaders/volunteers?

  • Good Governance – Is the practice/project a good example of effective decision-making and appropriate engagement of the municipal council?

  • Effective Management – Were sound management principles utilized in developing, promoting, and delivering the practice/project?

  • Consistent Public Engagement – Was the public aware of, informed, and engaged in the practice/project?

  • Innovation – Does the practice/project represent a first of its kind practice within Saskatchewan?

  • Effectiveness – Is the practice/project effective? Did it meet its intended goals?

  • Transferability – To what extent can the practice/project be adopted by other jurisdictions?

All Saskatchewan municipal projects initiated in the last 15 years are eligible for an award. If a project was initiated longer than 15 years ago, it must be demonstrated that the practice is, and continues to be, a main priority for council.

Eligibility: Products
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