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Five Municipalities Win Saskatchewan Municipal Awards in 2018

The 12th annual Saskatchewan Municipal Awards program is pleased to announce this year’s winners. These awards recognize innovation and excellence in local Saskatchewan governments.

An independent, six-member committee reviewed 18 nominations, submitted on behalf of 35 municipalities, to choose the four winning projects. The committee members were:

  • Keith Schneider: former Executive Director of SUMA;

  • Jim Scarrow: former mayor of Prince Albert and former Vice-President of Cities for SUMA;

  • Audrey Trombley: former president of the Rural Municipal Administrators’ Association of Saskatchewan;

  • Loretta Young: former administrator for the RM of Longlaketon No. 219 and the Village of Earl Grey;

  • Don Taylor: former Board member of SARM; and

  • Jeff Mulligan: managing partner of AHHA Moments Inc. and former mayor of Lloydminster.

Committee member Jeff Mulligan made note of the quality of the nominations received this year:

“Each year has key ingredients that stand out as noteworthy when reviewing the Saskatchewan

Municipal Awards submissions. 2018, simply stated, hit it out of the park! Rating these winners

one, two, three, does not do them justice.”

Committee member Keith Schneider says the quality of submissions reflects the great work being

done in our province: “The quality and diversity of submissions received by the selection

committee clearly reflect community-based initiatives to improve the delivery of municipal services

and enhance the economic well-being of their residents.”

The awards were distributed to the winning urban municipalities at the 114th Annual SUMA

Convention in February 2019 and the winning rural municipality received their award at the annual SARM Convention in November 2018.

First Place Moosomin Nutrien Sportsplex

Town of Moosomin

Established an advanced sports facility to offer dedicated space for community

gatherings and diversified recreational opportunities for all ages.

Second Place

Wellness Centre City of Melfort

In partnership with regional members, developed a comprehensive health care

facility to centralize health services for patients and medical professionals.

Third Place

Île-à-la-Crosse Fish Processing and Packaging Facility

Northern Village of Île-à-la-Crosse

Established a certified fish processing and packaging facility to provide

employment and training opportunities and promote economic growth.

Regional Cooperation

Tourism and Rebranding Campaign

RM of White Valley and Town of Eastend

Developed a new community brand to attract visitors and generate revenue

streams to support local businesses.

Honorable Mention

Waste Water Treatment Project

Town of Unity

Introduced an innovative and cost-effective system that expands capacity and

treats waste water to a standard exceeding regulatory requirements.


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