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Fourteen Saskatchewan Municipalities win Saskatchewan Municipal Awards in 2014

The eighth annual Saskatchewan Municipal Awards program is happy to announce this year’s winners. These awards recognize innovation and excellence in Saskatchewan local governments of all types.

An independent, six-member committee reviewed 10 nominations, submitted on behalf of 33 municipalities to choose the four winning projects. The committee members were:

  • Keith Schneider: former Executive Director of SUMA and Principal with ADVOCO Consulting;

  • Ken Engel: former Executive Director of SARM;

  • Jim Scarrow: former mayor of Prince Albert and former Vice-President of Cities for SUMA;

  • Gordon Barnhardt: President of the University of Saskatchewan and former Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan;

  • Neal Hardy: former President of SARM; and

  • Jeff Mulligan: managing partner of AHHA Moments Inc. and former mayor of Lloydminster.

Committee member Keith Schneider had high praise for this year’s crop of winners: “The four projects selected demonstrated what can be accomplished by working together, harnessing community support, and thinking in new and creative ways.”

The awards for winning rural municipalities were distributed at the SARM Midterm Convention on November 13, 2014 and the winning urban municipalities received their awards at the annual SUMA Convention on February 3, 2015.

Congratulations to the winners of the eighth annual Saskatchewan Municipal Awards!

First Place

Regional Municipal Plaza

RMs of Baildon, Hillsborough, Rodgers, Moose Jaw, and Caron

A jointly owned building, allowing member municipalities to share space and resources, and facilitate future cooperation.

Second Place

Revitalization of Merchants Bank of Canada Building

City of Humboldt

Turning an under-utilized, municipally owned building in the downtown into Humboldt’s first and only public art gallery.

Third Place

Water Conservation Measures Bylaw

Town of Lumsden

A bylaw regulating new builds to reduce water usage and alleviate pressure on the existing wastewater treatment system.

Regional Cooperation

Moose Jaw – Regina Industrial Corridor Committee Inc.

RMs of Sherwood, Pense, and Moose Jaw, cities of Moose Jaw and Regina, Town of Pense, villages of Grand Coulee and Belle Plaine

A not-for-profit corporation created to attract investment to the area and support regional planning.


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