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Seven Saskatchewan Municipalities win Saskatchewan Municipal Awards in 2017

The 11th annual Saskatchewan Municipal Awards program is happy to announce this year’s winners. These awards recognize innovation and excellence in Saskatchewan local governments of all types. An independent, six-member committee reviewed 13 nominations, submitted on behalf of 60 municipalities to choose the four winning projects. The committee members were:

  • Keith Schneider: former Executive Director of SUMA;

  • Ken Engel: former Executive Director of SARM;

  • Jim Scarrow: former mayor of Prince Albert and former Vice-President of Cities for SUMA;

  • Audrey Trombley: former President of RMAA;

  • Don Taylor: former Board member of SARM; and

  • Jeff Mulligan: managing partner of AHHA Moments Inc. and former mayor of Lloydminster.

Committee member Jeff Mulligan made note of the regional partnerships that are happening in the province: “Often times, when we cannot see a solution to our current challenge by looking within our team or our municipality, the answer requires collaboration and co-operation with our neighbours. This year’s nominees for the Saskatchewan Municipal Awards are shining examples of just this type of regional co-operation.”

The awards were distributed to the winning urban municipalities at SUMA Convention 2018 in February. The winning rural municipalities received their awards at the SARM Midterm Convention in November 2017.

Congratulations to the winners of the 11th annual Saskatchewan Municipal Awards!

First Place Downtown Market Square

City of Swift Current

Developed a Market Square to revitalize downtown Swift Current and engage local business, artisans, farmers, and city administration on economic development.

Second Place

Saskatchewan’s Outback: Community Branding Campaign Town of Carrot River and RM of Moose Range

Developed a community brand to retain and encourage tourism business in and around Carrot River.

Third Place

Youth Committee

Town of Kindersley

Established a Youth Committee program to revitalize youth engagement, increase the contributions of young people, and support an intergenerational connection.

Regional Cooperation

Legacy Regional Protective Services

RM of Wilton, Town of Lashburn, and Town of Marshall

Created a joint protective services organization to reduce costs, manage risk, and enhance service levels for the region.


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