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Winners Announced at the 2010 Saskatchewan Municipal Awards

Improving customer service, enhancing economic development opportunities,

strategies to deal with waste management, attracting new citizens and saving our

past for the future. These were the themes front and center at the fourth annual

Saskatchewan Municipal Awards ceremony today. The municipalities that

spearheaded these projects were announced as the winners of the 2010

Saskatchewan Municipal Awards. The awards were presented at a luncheon

sponsored by Communities of Tomorrow. A total of 24 nominations were

received for the six award categories.

The 2010 winners of the Saskatchewan Municipal Awards are:

Municipal Service Excellence

Service Regina

City of Regina

In response to growing citizen demand for increased and improved customer

service, the City of Regina undertook a Customer Service Strategy aimed at

improving the time and quality of how ratepayer requests are dealt with. The

intention is for Service Regina to be the first point of contact for most of the frontline

services the city provides. Service Regina has become "one-stop shopping"

for city services, including water and tax services, inquiries formally handled by

separate centres. Another change in recent years was the implementation of a

customer relationships management software program, which tracks all

interactions between representatives and customers, and improves Service

Regina reporting at the corporate level.

Economic Development Leadership

Fife Lake Rail Project

RM of Hart Butte No. 11, RM of Poplar Valley No. 12, RM of Willow Bunch No.

42, RM of Old Post No. 43, RM of Stonehenge No. 73, Town of Coronach and

Town of Rockglen

In 2005, CP Rail was looking to discontinue rail operations to the Fife Lake

subdivision. The seven municipalities partnered to acquire and operate the rail

line in order to provide an economic advantage to businesses and ratepayers in

the region. Fife Lake Rail has reduced transportation costs for producers and

has increased employment in the region. Each of the seven member

municipalities also realized a cost savings through their management partnership

of the rail line.

Regional Leadership and Partnerships

REACT Waste Management System

REACT Waste Management District (47 members)

The Regional Authority of Carlton Trail (REACT) is a sustainable regional

partnership involving 47 municipalities who acted together in response to a

growing collective need to deal with waste and recycling products. REACT

implemented a user-pay system and divided the waste stream into two

categories: the recycle stream, and the waste stream, significantly reducing the

amount of waste going to the regional landfill. REACT has also been recognized

by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) as one of the top nine

municipal entities within Canada for reaching substantial waste diversion through

recycling initiatives.

Community Development Leadership

Immigration Initiative

City of Saskatoon

Statistics in 2004 showed that of the immigrants coming to Saskatoon,

approximately one-quarter did not stay in the city, resulting in a retention rate

significantly below the national average. The City of Saskatoon implemented a

strategic immigration initiative aimed to increase attraction, retention and

integration among newcomers to the city. This initiative included consultation

with existing immigrants to learn how the city could more effectively make

Saskatoon an attractive place for new residents to come and live.

Environmental Stewardship

Specific Risk Materials Disposal Project

RM of Canwood No. 494, Village of Debden and Village of Canwood

In response to outbreaks of bovine spongi form encephalopathy (BSE), the RM

of Canwood No. 494 and the Villages of Debden and Canwood developed the

first and only facility of its kind in Saskatchewan, where BSE materials are

disposed of in a safe and environmentally-friendly process. The disposal site has

been classified as a geologically secure site, based on the Ministry's of

Agriculture and Environment guidelines, and also provides for groundwater


Heritage Conservation Leadership

Saving Our Past for the Future

Town of Ogema

Over the past 30 years, the Town of Ogema has conserved many heritage

buildings and artifacts in the community, including the Deep South Pioneer

Museum, and its displays. Some of the most recent heritage strategies the

community has undertaken is integrating heritage conservation and management

into the official community plan, and creating a community heritage inventory.

This inventory assists in developing strategies to manage the heritage resources

within the municipality, and ensures they will be preserved for future generations.

Saskatchewan Municipal Awards is a program partnership between the

Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) and the Saskatchewan

Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM), the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, New

North, the Rural Municipal Administrators’ Association of Saskatchewan (RMAA)

and the Urban Municipal Administrators Association of Saskatchewan (UMAAS).


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