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Regional Leadership and Partnership

Town of Bengough, RM of Bengough No. 40, Town of Coronach, RM of Happy Valley No. 10, RM of Hart Butte No. 11, RM of Poplar Valley No. 12, Town of Rockglen, RM of Willow Bunch No. 42,  and the Town of Willow Bunch

City of North Battleford, Town of Battleford, Moosomin First Nation, Sweetgrass First Nation. Saulteaux First Nation, Little Pine First Nation, and Lucky Man Creek Cree Nation

Town of Central Butte, Town of Dundurn, Town of Hanley, Town of Craik, Village of Broderick, Village of Conquest, Village of Elbow, Village of Glenside, Village of Kenaston, Village of Loreburn, Village of Strongfield, Village of Beechy, Resort Village of Mistusinne, RM of Loreburn No. 254, and RM of Fertile Valley
No. 285

RM of Sliding Hills No. 273, RM of Wallace No. 243, RM of Calder No. 241, RM of Saltcoats No. 213, RM of Churchbridge No. 211, and Village of Rhein

REACT Waste Management District (consisting of 47 municipalities)

Towns of Carrot River, Choiceland, and Nipawin, Villages of Codette and White Fox, Resort Village of Tobin Lake, RMs of Moose Range, Nipawin, and Torch River

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